An influx of over 500 visitors to Horsham in June is expected when Volleyball Horsham hosts the 38th Annual Victorian Country Volleyball Championships.

Volleyball Horsham is excited to present the best division one and two men and women players in country Victoria at a time in the city which is traditionally quiet. The defending division one champions are Latrobe Valley, who took both the men’s and women’s titles in Moe last year. The division two champions are Warrnambool in the men and Bellarine in the women.

Volleyball Horsham teams have scored many medals over the years and will be looking to put at least four very competitive teams together for the event, one in each division.

“With the hosts taking the coveted division one double over the past two years (Latrobe Valley and Bendigo) it is hoped the trend will continue for Volleyball Horsham in 2017.”

Already there is a young enthusiastic committee in place but more volunteers will make the staging of the event run better. Roles include presentation ceremony manager, court supervisors, jury members who watch all division one games, field of play managers and assistants.

“Volleyball Horsham has been fortunate to receive a grant from sport and rec to recognize volunteers at the end of the event, so people who give freely of their time will be well looked after.”

Matches will be held over three venues – division one matches at the basketball stadium, with division two matches spread between St Brigid’s and Horsham College stadiums. Matches will commence at 8am each day and will be played best of five sets with no time limit.

The best players of the tournament will also be recognized with All Star Seven selections in each division. Two referees will be honored as well. The best referee of the tournament will be judged by the players while the most outstanding new referee will be judged by the tournament officials.

“It really is a great event for all the Associations to participate in. It is seen as the pinnacle event for country volleyball Associations.”

“This is a good opportunity to show just how well we can stage major events in the country, at the same time prove to just how valuable a new multi-purpose stadium could be for Horsham.”